Bristol Together CIC is a new social enterprise partnership that launched in October 2011.Our aim is to create full-time jobs for long-term unemployed people, and ex-offenders in particular.

We do this by buying empty properties, and working with our social enterprise partners to employ ex-offenders in all aspects of the repair, refurbishment and restoration.  Once the properties are fully restored they are then sold, and the original capital, plus any profits, reinvested back into the business to finance further property purchases, and further job creation.

All the employees are mentored and supervised by highly experienced project managers.  We hope that the skills and experience they develop as a result of their employment with us will be the launch-pad to accessing other full-time jobs in the future.

Bristol Together started in October 2011 after raising £600 000 in investment capital.  We then raised a further £1 million in May 2012 to complete our first Social Impact Bond.

We are working with Triodos Bank to explore the possibility of replicating, or developing our social enterprise in other cities in the UK.  In Bristol we expect over the course of the next five years to create jobs for up to 200 ex-offenders, and to bring over seventy empty properties back into use.