Making a difference

“Everyone in this company tries to help me when I’m down; I’ve never really had that before.”

Together Employee

Over the next five years Bristol Together expects that up to 200 ex-offenders, and other long-term unemployed people, will work full-time on one of our projects. Here are two of our most recent case-studies.

Here at Bristol Together, we are more than just an employer, and we do more than create jobs. Our aim is to see those who have been socially excluded achieve their full potential, and to support them in working towards their career aspirations as best we can.

To offer this support in a more structured and regular way, Bristol Together are now in the process of developing a specific mentoring element of our initiative. Eventually we hope that our employees will not only have mentoring and support from their project managers whilst on the job, but also a personal mentor they can work with outside of work, if they would like one.

We believe that supporting our employees through a mentoring relationship can really make the difference in seeing them make the next step towards achieving their aspirations.

  • James’s story

    James has only been working with Bristol Together for 4 months, but has already made considerable progress. Before arriving at Bristol Together, James has spent over 2 years without work, after a period of time in prison left him with minimal options. James had constantly struggled to find reasonable employment,…

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  • Rob's Story’s story

    After over 8 months of unemployment, Rob has now been working with Bristol Together for 3 months. Rob’s largest barrier to work has been his lack of qualifications and experience, something he was unable to rectify even though gaining a place on college course in carpentry – the area he…

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  • John's Story’s story

    John has always had a ‘patchy employment history’, something he feels is due to his lack of formal qualifications. After leaving school with no GCSEs, John worked to gain a place on a college course to work towards becoming an electrician. As we have seen with other employees, despite completing…

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  • Matt's Story’s story

    Matt came to Bristol Together after experiencing long periods of unemployment and homelessness. Before a mistake that saw him spending time in prison, Matt had developed a successful career, running his own business for over 3 years and working as a project manager on over 30 property developments.

    After leaving prison,…

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